Professionals to Diagnose Your Battery

By enlisting the assistance of our service technicians to perform a battery diagnostic service, you'll be able to bring confidence to your daily commute. In mere minutes, they'll use a reliable machine to run a test on your battery and its various charging system components. Whether your battery still has some juice left in it or the time has come for a replacement, we'll remain fully transparent and divulge exactly what your car requires.

Keep Your Nissan Running with Battery Service at Napoli Nissan

Chances are you ignore your car battery more often than not when driving through Milford, CT. While it is an easy component to forget about when it is functioning properly, you'll immediately know when it is no longer working. However, there are some tell-tale signs that can help you figure out if your car battery needs attention, and the experts at Napoli Nissan can help you keep your life on track with battery services that range from testing to replacement.


Multi-Faceted Battery Maintenance

The Importance of Routine Battery Service 

There are a number of factors that can affect your car battery and cause it to let you down. Extreme temperatures such as cold and heat are major contributors to your battery losing power, and that power is typically lost forever. Furthermore, if you have had to jumpstart your vehicle more than once or twice because you've left your lights on, your battery is likely no longer performing at it's best. Finally, over time every car battery will lose power and eventually be unable to keep up with the demands placed upon it. Chief among those demands is providing the power to start your engine, which will leave you stranded and waiting for assistance to arrive. Having your battery tested periodically can help you avoid this stressful and inconvenient situation so you can have confidence that your Nissan will start every time you need it. 

How Often Should You Service Your Car Battery? 

In simple terms, you should have your battery tested twice a year, but if you experience any issues, waiting won't make things any better. For example, if you feel your vehicle is taking longer than normal to turn over, it's likely because the battery is low on power and needs to be replaced. In addition, if you find your headlights are dimmer than normal, or the dim when you run the air conditioning or window defroster, that's a sure sign that your battery is in trouble. Finally, if you're battery is over five years old and you drive on a daily basis, it's a good idea to have your battery replaced just to avoid any potential inconvenience.


Let Our Experts Help! 

If you're not sure about the status of your battery, the experts at Napoli Nissan are here to help! We'll test your battery to make sure it's up to snuff, and if it isn't we can replace it with a genuine Nissan battery to give your Nissan the power it needs to get you moving.