At Napoli Nissan, we're here to help drivers throughout the area get a handle on their tire services. We all know that as fall turns into winter, we need to be prepared and do an assessment on what type of tire services you need for your vehicle, and our team is here to help you determine it, plus provide the solution in our service center!

We'll cover all your tire services, which includes tire rotations, alignments, and winter tire changeover services, while also supplying you with many options to buy new tires from us. When you get regular tire rotations, you're ensuring that your tire tread doesn't wear down fast, as rotating tires every 6,000 to 8,000 miles will reduce the wear down, and you get longer lasting tires. With an alignment, it's more for your suspension and axles, but it does impact how your tires touch the road as you want even distribution and control, which helps with your overall efficiency. This should be done every six months or 6,000 to 8,000 miles too. Additionally, we can help install winter tires so you're prepared for the snow and have more traction and control when driving in the elements.

Need a new set of tires or would like to purchase some winter tires? We have you covered too. How will you know when you need new tires? You can tell by seeing if the tread is worn down, as you'll notice there's less deepness. You can also take a penny and place it heads downward and if you see the top of Lincoln's head or close to it, you know you need new tires. If it's mostly covered, you're still good to drive on the tires. We carry leading brands of summer, sport, all-season, and winter tires here at Napoli Nissan and can schedule an appointment to install them on your vehicle. We carry leading brands for all makes and models and look forward to helping you.

If you have any questions, reach out to us today and we'd be happy to have you in for tire services.

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