Your car brakes are what keeps you and others out on the road or in the streets safe as they stop to avoid collisions and provide added control to your drive. That's why you should never neglect to ensure that your brakes are serviced when they need to be, and our team at Napoli Nissan in our maintenance and repair center can help you.

We have you covered with common brake services. This includes getting you new brake pads along with rotors at suggested intervals or when you begin to notice a decrease in stopping power. Some signs of that would be squeaking or squealing brakes when you apply the brake, which is a general sign of needing new brake pads, while a pulsating brake pedal means your rotors might be worn down and need replacement. Depending on the vehicle you drive you can often see if that's the case by looking through your tires to see the brake pad or rotors by your wheels.

Your brake pads and rotors should last for around 40,000 to 60,000 miles depending on your driving habits and the quality of parts. Of course, our team will ensure you only get the finest brake pads and rotors for your Nissan vehicle, or any other make or brand as we service all types. You can schedule an appointment for us to take a closer look at your brakes and diagnose any vehicle issue you might be having, so contact us or schedule an appointment online and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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