Excitement abounds at Napoli Nissan.

With this new Nissan production year, several models have been upgraded with unique features -- all while building upon trusted Nissan underpinnings. Known for affordability, the 2022 line-up of Nissan Pathfinder, Nissan LEAF and Nissan Frontier offer much in the way of value and performance. Still.

And at Napoli Nissan, we're fully stocked for the coming year.

2022 — What's New for Nissan SUVs, Hatchbacks, Trucks

There's a bevy of newly minted features and performance values attached to 2022 Nissan offerings at Napoli Nissan. And given body type and styling, surely there's a fit for your discerning taste.

So, should you be in the mood for larger dimensions in an SUV, hybridized efficiency in a hatchback or the powerful torque of a seasoned truck, browse the following Nissan models new for 2022:

Nissan Pathfinder®

Nissan Pathfinder exudes a certain ruggedness. Despite facades not fully illustrating contents, Nissan Pathfinder goes beyond your thinking in terms of an SUV. For a thorough understanding, Pathfinder is equipped with the most advanced 4x4 system, coupled to seven drive and terrain modes for perfect execution.

Available towing capacity comprises 3,500-lbs., which far outpaces any other SUV on the market. This is largely accomplished via a standard 3.5L, six-cylinder engine delivering 284 hp and torque of 259 lb.-ft.

Seating will welcome up to eight occupants, and complete interior cargo capacity is measured to 80.5 cu.-ft. Those being spirited within are treated to an updated interior immersed in wireless Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ infotainment.

Nissan LEAF®

As a hatchback, Nissan LEAF derives its moniker from all-electric powering. Given the lay of the land, electric powering is becoming increasingly more common. And Nissan LEAF takes full advantage of a future reduced of emissions and those caustic traces left behind.

Available is battery choice of 40-kWh or available 62-kWh capacities. And with a full charge while you rest overnight, the morning will see Nissan LEAF range encompassing 226-miles of pure-electric roaming. In this effort, a full suite of Nissan proprietary driver-assist tools is at your command. They range from the following essentials for safe travel:

  • Automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection.
  • Rear automatic braking and cross traffic alerting.
  • Blind spot warning and lane departure alerting.

The above not a comprehensive accounting by far. Though with an array of ten airbags and LATCH systems for child car seats, almost every circumstance related to safety has been designed for. Within Nissan LEAF, you're certainly secure and even reminded when it's time for a break with the Intelligent Driver Alertness system.

Nissan Frontier

In a word, the Nissan Frontier is aesthetically beautiful by midsized truck standards. Its popularity carries over year after year, given a self-reliant stature and unyielding performance values. With a 3.8L, six-cylinder engine providing 310 hp and 281 lb.-ft. of generated torque, your Nissan Frontier is ready and able for towing 6,270-lbs., easily.

The redesigned interior boasts front seats offering heated surfacing during cold Connecticut mornings to come. Driving fatigue is mitigated by the Zero Gravity layout of front seats, resulting from years of Nissan research.

Within the sleek center console, there's a wireless device charging dock and spacious bin for the storing of driver needs. The King Cab configuration creates room for four, while Crew Cab seating welcomes up to five amid enlarged dimensions. And maximum payload consists of 1,600-lbs., for all your hauling opportunities.

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