At Napoli Nissan, current service specials abound, especially for students.

And with winter fast approaching, you may want to take advantage of servicing tailored to those seasonal challenges. The collective purpose comprises safety and furthered longevity of your vehicle – no matter the weather in Milford.

Common Service Procedures, Specials Offered at Napoli Nissan

By visiting our local Milford area service department, the simple question asked as to discounts for students opens a wide window. Given the importance of commuting from campus to home, a student's vehicle in good working order is a must.

So, in offering the following services at a discount, there's trust your vehicle will perform well under strain in all conditions:

  • Oil changes should be performed every few thousand miles. Afterward, fuel economy is improved with all engine parts and components properly lubricated.
  • Filter inspection and replacement is a very important aspect to vehicle maintenance for cabin and engine alike.
  • Brake systems require monitoring and upkeep, especially when snow and ice coat driving surfaces.
  • Tires should be inspected for bare treads and integrity overall, while rotated as necessary.
  • Battery servicing is often overlooked, but ensures proper charging and storage capacity for cold mornings before class.
  • HVAC systems not performing well inhibit safe operation. A vehicle's cabin should be properly warmed or cooled as desired.
  • Front-end wheel alignment comes into play if your vehicle veers to either side. This a most dangerous scenario during inclement weather.

Napoli Nissan Servicing — Discounts for All Drivers, and Students Too

Staying atop of servicing and maintenance goes a long way towards savings in the long run.

The more servicing, better are the chances of remedying issues before becoming larger problems. And whatever attention your vehicle requires, there's surely a Napoli Nissan service special adjoining.

So, visit our local Milford area service department today and ask about our service specials of the day.

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